Macro Monday 127

So it is September the 15th, and only 100 days until Christmas! (say whatttt) It's here, it's funny and it's going to laugh your socks off! It's only bloody Macro Monday!

 I may or may not do this.


My reaction to a lot of things.


If you know that this is an Avril Lavigne song I think I love you.

 Everything about this.

 THIS guy.

 Best insult.

Shake it.


Have a good week kids!

The Perfect Mascara?

If you follow me on my personal instagram you will know what I am like with my eyelashes (I love them!) I have never if I am honest found a mascara that makes my eye lashes do what I want without the help of adding some false ones. 

However! I think I have found a secret weapon - the above picture shows by eye lashes firstly bare, then with a well known brand, and lastly with Moon Struck 3D  - honestly it's awesome! They also have lots of other products I have yet to try, but follow this instagram for updates! Someone brought me some back from the states, but they shall be shipping it to the UK and Europe (already so rest of the world, I think!) from October 1st. Go grab it! 

Fashion Friday 111 - Halloween Dreaming

I am a fiend for Halloween, like I LOVE IT! So I have been channelling in my dark side in this outfit! 

Dress: Asos, Scrunchie: Asos, Boots: topshop, necklace: fill the soul.

Have a gorgeous weekend! and P.S. 

Wonderland Clothing are giving 30% off all profits this weekend to the Manchester Dogs Home after the disaster - so perfect time to treat 'yo self! 

Gratitude Jars

 Being grateful is something I think in today's world we don't think about as much as we should. We post gratituesday to remind ourselves of all the good things in our lives, other than to focus on the bad. I firmly believe that gratitude is the elixir of life – the facilitator for all abundance and the key to unlocking bountiful happiness. Cultivating thankfulness not only makes your days shine brighter, but with time it also promotes feelings of compassion and generosity which create further joy in our lives.

A Gratitude Jar is kind of like a piggy bank, except coins are substituted with good vibes and blessings, and the reward is of far greater value than any sum of money could ever provide. 

What you’ll need A mason jar (or any jar!)  Your favourite pen and a note pad Scissors, Embellishments of your choice: I like using elements of the earth like sand, dried flowers, curious rocks, and twigs.  Directions Add some of your embellishments into the jar. I poured some sand into the bottom as I adore the ocean. You can adorn the jar with anything that makes you feel positive and at peace:
Each morning write down something you are grateful for, ceremoniously folding up the paper and lovingly adding it to the jar. (I often add receipts/ticket stubs etc to it also) Once your jar is full of gratitude, take it to a place where you can sit quietly, as one by one you take out and read over your blessings. It's strange how the little things you were grateful for that one day you may well have forgotten about. It really is one of my favourite things to do, and I hope you do the same!


What Not To Do When You Have Been Cheated On

Some people can forgive and forget a cheater (and apparently it happens to 80% of us) Each relationship is different, and maybe you can try again after once, but I am also a great believer that if you allow someone to treat you like that and get away with it? Well they will do it again because they can. So if you are looking for reasons to forgive I am not the girl for you. However I can tell you what NOT to do, because you want to keep your cool, and be a lady and not do any of the following, because I did some and in the end I just looked stupid. Lets go!

Call him out on Facebook or Twitter …unless you want to look like the bitter, twisted and totally-not-over-it ex that you AREN'T.

Pierce his car with ice picks. Tempting, right? But rise above…

Or cover it in graffiti.

Throw everything he ever bought you at his horrible cheating face. Why throw away your time together when you could sell it on eBay for a profit?

Revenge cheat. Trust us – it's not going to make you feel any better.

Take out a billboard. Spend the money on an exotic cocktail-based holiday instead.

Have sex with your ex. Unlike Ms Rachel Green, move FORWARDS, not backwards.

Throw everything he ever bought you at his horrible cheating face. Why throw away your time together when you could sell it on eBay for a profit?

Tell him you've been cheating too (when you really haven't). Farewell, moral high ground…

Tell everyone he's got a small penis. Unless you do it like this woman.

Hold a 'lying cheating bastard' sale. Seriously, that shit takes effort.

Make him a sign that advertises his own shame. You can only really do this if you stay together, and why would you want to stay with a guy who a) cheats, and b) stands at the side of the road wearing a sandwich board telling everyone about it?

Put flyers up everywhere letting everyone now what a douche he is. They'll crumble at the first sign of rain, anyway. This is not America. (Well it might be if you're reading this there!)

But DO...Shake him off, get your game face on and take it like a woman. Revenge is a dish best served with a massive smile on your face, so don't give him the satisfaction of your anger or tears. Be happy, do amazing things and have fun – living well is the best revenge.