Gratituesday - Spring and Friends!

It's been a while since we have done a gratituesday, so thought it was about time we brought it back! It's been tough couple of weeks here, but sometimes that is exactly when you should write down what you are grateful and thankful for! So here we go...

No it isn't Christmas, but Salem - ALWAYS


Cute drawings

Happy Dogs

Cute bikes

I find this much funnier than I should

A necklace I need

This kids advice is spot on. 

Little Things...

Sunshine! Walking in the fresh air (forcing yourself out and blasting loud songs makes everything better) Trusting the process Having amazing friends (Natasha I am looking at you) Lovely emails   Charming new people   Culling out the bad seeds   Making plans   SPRING!   Making positive changes   Fajita dates with gorgeous friends   Laughing at dating mistakes   'he spelt cousin 'cussin' it was time to end it   Friendly animals   fluffy dogs   cloudy lemonade   days drawing out.... 

So of course I’d love to hear what’s making you really happy this week!?

Making A Summer Bucket List!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, this Sunday marks the first of March to me that begins Spring (not officially but after four cold months, it's on it's way!) Trying to be organised, I decided to make a SUMMER bucket list! So here is what is on my list...

Learn to make essential oils. 

Make a meal out of home grown veggies!

Go barefoot for 24 hours straight. 

Go to a belly dancing class. 

Do yoga on the beach. 

Be friend a wild animal. 

Throw a crescent moon party! 

Say yes to things. 

Go on a solo boat ride 

Learn the Ukulele!

What's on yours?

Macro Monday - 152

March is nearly here, Which means Spring! Which means yay! It's also Macro time! 

 I know I shouldn't laugh but I do

 Why yes, yes you are!

Karl always.


 That comment

I am with you chorizo

I don't even understand this gif set, but I find it hilarious.

 Oh Biebs

We have all been there!

Till next week!

Sunday Thoughts: I Want To Run Away

Running away from your problems is a race you’ll never win.  You may not be proud of all the things you’ve done in the past, but right now is a new beginning.  It’s doesn’t matter who you used to be; what matters is who you are today.  What you do TODAY can improve all of your tomorrows.  So don’t run; instead do something that creates positive change.

How To Justify New Heels, Every Month

Sometimes life is unkind and can send us into a financially difficult storm. I am here to justify why you should still buy yourself high heels (one pair a month, max!) 

Never leave home shabby and unkept - because if you don't care why should anyone else? The mantra is 'the worse the situation, the higher the heel!

Walking in heels  requires concentration, therefore making you think clearer, and coming up with faster solutions to solving your problems. See? now you don't need to pay for all that therapy you would have had to. 

Buying a pair of more expensive heels is really a savvy investment. Cheap shoes don't last long, and you only have to go out and buy more...

Heels lift spirits as well as bums, and tone thighs. So work out and therapy in a few foot steps? A decent enough pair of heels can be equal to a weekly gym workout, a pay rise with a bigger office, and can also lead to lavishing of gifts, dinners, drinks, theatre trips and so on. A real investment you see!

Look at it like this and you can justify more than one pair a month really.