Macro Monday - 173!

Happy turkey week USA friends and happy buy shit you don't need week everyone else! Until crazy black Friday happens lets get our lol on yea?

Happy bunnies are happy

Sounds good to me!

 lol forever

Yes you can 

 No Carl!



 My kind of video.


 All the feels.


Have a great week!

Gratituesday - Making Changes!

It has been forever since we did one of these, and shall make sure we try to do more, as it's important to be grateful and remind yourself of what you have, and what you have in your life to be grateful for. So here we go!

Dreamy Autumn Photos

Dragging out the faux fur 

Hair Chalk


Coffee dates

Flowers, always.

Having white hair again.


Little Things...

Coffee dates and always laughing with my little Immy Making plans with my oldest and best friend Duty Free Changing direction and feeling really good about it Wrapping up at night Mr Jones Hayu obsession Buying PJs Scary Movies PUPPY! Pinterest board planning Cute Texts Laughing, a lot Being grateful Free Coffee! 

What are you loving this week?

Reasons Why Girls Don't Reply!

When it comes to dating, sometimes girls don't reply or guys for that matter. So when my male friend asked me why this girl didn't reply I asked if he had done any of the following - all of which to my friends and I are immediate 'erm no' 

You said hi. And that’s it.

You’re soliciting me for group sex.

You asked me to marry you.

You said something sexist. 

You told me how gorgeous/beautiful/sexy I am in the first sentence.

You addressed me as Hey Gorgeous/Beautiful/Sexy.

You told me you love [insert body part here].

You asked what I’m wearing right now.

You mentioned that you’ve had a little too much to drink tonight.

You told me I must be a freaky girl because I’m a (Your hair colour) and ALL (your hair colour) are kinky.

You made a “Call Me Maybe” reference.

You asked if I would be into something “casual.”

You spelled “cool” with a K.

You said you have nothing interesting to say.

You told me not to be intimidated by you.

You used the wrong form of “you’re.”

You saw that I have a cat and asked if you could “pet my pussy.”

You said I’m out of your league.

You’re under the age of 21.

You used a million punctuation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!

You said you were hoping I had a large porn collection.

I’m allowed to be a little shallow and, to be honest, I’m just not physically attracted to you.

What makes you instantly be like no?

Fashion Friday: Ankle Boot Love!

It's that time of year we are pulling out the boots and putting away the sandals here are our favourite pairs you can buy currently!

These gorgeous velvet boots

These beauties

Adore this pair.

Love the detail on these. 

Perfect for layers

If you like a bigger heel

Simply Chic

Thinking pink

Cut out style

Are you a fan of ankle boots?