Fashion Friday 115 - Daisy Daisy!

Happy Halloween! (Halloween post coming soon of my costume!) I adore this Daisy Smock dress, and it's super popular with you lot too! You can grab one here and get free shipping today (worldwide baby!) with code GHOST! 

Can't wait to check out your blogs and costumes!


CH. 3 
Think of your blog as your virtual home away from home, it’s where the business happens. It will be the mainstay of all your post, and where you will link back to and generate most of your traffic. With that being said, it is urgent that you make it as professional looking as possible, but still resemble yourself in it! In this chapter, we'll be covering all things blog-related, so stay tuned, hopefully you're still taking notes!

CH. 3.1

Before you really start the ball rolling, you need to do the following things first!

q Picking a name. When choosing a name for your blog, you need to pick something that is easy to remember, but still unique. Avoid too many dashes and numbers, you’re building a blog, not an AOL screen name! Like my blog, named BOHEMIA, but the URL has “enter-“ in front of it, giving the readers an inviting vibe when they visit! Some unique names that you may know, and if not you need to know? Fashion Toast, They All hate Us, We Are 365, and those are just a few! You want something that will stick. Think of your blog as your own brand, because it is, a brand of yourself, so you want to name it aptly so!

q Blogging schedule. Sit down and write out a schedule. How often will you post? What will you post on what day?  For example, on BOHEMIA: Mondays are outfit post, Tuesdays are an “off” day, Wednesday are another outfit post day, Thursdays are another “off” day, Fridays are for my CR Fashionista Friday post, and the weekends are wild cards. Now I don’t always post on those days, especially if I’m super busy, but I make up for it. If I know I’m going to miss an outfit day, I’ll either schedule one the day before, or do an “inspirational” post or cover a lookbook from one of my favorite brands! Just keep your posting consistent and you’ll be fine.

q Budget-blogger? Some blogger specialize on showcasing outfits under a certain budget for those who can’t afford a 100$ jacket. If you’re going to be a budget blogger, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready for it. This requires more research of brands, and knowledge of sales more than a blogger without a budget. Get in touch with your favorite brands, let them know you’re a blogger helping others on a budget, and see if they can hook you up with the latest sales coming up!

CH. 3.2

So now that you have the previous content sorted out, what platform are you going to blog from? The main and most popular four are Blogger, Buzznet, Wordpress, and your own domain. I've personally blogged from two of the four, but have done my research, and will give you the good and bad of all four, with ratings as well!

q BLOGGER: This is the platform that I use, and The Wonderlanders blog is based off of Blogger, but with its own domain (if you type in “, it will redirect you to the site!). Blogger is run through Google, so you need a Gmail/Google account to create one, and it seems to be the favorite among bloggers, especially those who are just starting out!
The Good: Blogger is completely free for the most part, you can buy theme from graphic designers, but there is really no need for it unless you want to because Blogger provides 100% fully customizable layouts. You can adjust your blog width, sidebar width, general layout, text, etc.. You can even use your own images for headers, sidebar images, and backgrounds. Blogger also allows you to add widgets as well! Like your Google+ followers, a subscribe button, an HTML widget that lets you add whatever you want to the section. You can also create your own domain through the platform when you’re ready for that!
The Bad: In order to use Blogger, you have to have a Google/Gmail account. To some people, that may be overkill to have to create yet another email address just to blog. There is also an image with white-background images having a grey background if you upload the image straight from your computer to your blog, but you can avoid this by uploading first to TinyPic or Photobucket and using a URL to insert the image!
Overall Rating: ★★★★★

q BUZZNET: If you have heard of Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth, you probably know of Buzznet as well. This platform became widely popular around 2006, and seemed to go hand-in-hand with MySpace (it was huge during my “Scene Days” and almost every MySpace famous Scene girl and boy had one). It allows you to browse through different categories, and often hold contest too for members!
The Good: On Buzznet, it allows you to not only have an unique platform, but you can also join groups of other bloggers or beauty lovers as well and connect easily that way. The opportunity of contest can get you more exposure as well if you should win!
The Bad: Buzznet is not super wisely known, if you’re looking to work with brands in the future, be weary, some of them don’t count Buzznet as an actual “blog”, just like they don’t count Instagram “bloggers”. It also has limited customization opportunities. You only get a small grey box to put a small amount of info in about yourself, you can’t do much as far as sidebars go (for example: putting buttons for your sponsors), and the only images you can add in really are a header image, and I think they allow a background now. Also, some of the groups are either HIGHLY picky and may seem snobby, and some go nowhere, they just collect members.
Overall Rating: ★★☆☆☆

q WORDPRESS: It’s safe to say that Wordpress is the professional sister to Blogger. Though a good handful of bloggers use it, it seems to be mainly used by those who write for newspapers, writers and those who write on a more “professional” level (like politics or sciences).
The Good: As said, Wordpress for some reason always seems to be more professional than blogger, but that comes at a price that’s listed below. Other than that roadblock, it has the same attributes as Blogger!
The Bad: It’s not budget-friendly for the most part. In order to customize your Wordpress blog, you have to purchase a base theme to build on, or have someone build it for you. Yes it comes with a default layout, but that layout is not apt for blogging. This is a severe creative block, especially if you’re on a budget because these themes get very pricey!
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

q A DOMAIN: If you’re ready to get serious, this is for you! You can get a personal domain through Wordpress and Blogger, or sites like GoDaddy and Weebly. This allows you to have your own personal name that no one else can have!
The Good: Unlimited creative freedom!
The Bad: Domain names can be anywhere from $10 and up, you also have to renew them every year or two years, or someone else can snatch it from you!
Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Below is a screenshot of my blog, which uses Blogger as its platform.
( / click to enlarge )

Why aren't Tumblr or Instagram listed here? The answer is simple: they are not legitimate blogging platforms. They do not allow for the aspects needed to support a blog. You can throw a fit all you want because you have 53K followers on Instagram but a brand refuses to work with you, but you have to think of it from their point of view. They want good quality, and multi-view images of their products on you, not smacked between some selfies and snaps of your Starbucks, or buried under your reblogs of kittens playing with turtles. They may be great for social media, but not as the sole platform for a serious fashion blogger!

Next week we'll be going over layout and designing your blog, the tools you'll need, and a bit on taking images for your blog!


How To Deal With A Shit Week.

Sometimes we have those weeks that REALLY, REALLY suck. You know the ones I mean, where nothing goes right? Literally nothing. This past week, I have had one of those weeks, and as try as I might I cannot wait for it to be over. 

 Yesterday I cracked the screen of my phone for the 3rd time in so many months, I noticed a stain on my very expensive bag, a stock order is very late - and so is another which adds to stress which does not help the week! I decided to cheer myself up with a Vanilla Latte which I proceeded to pour all over myself, and men, well they generally just suck but my week was shit already. While these events may not seem very significant or even that bad, they have made for an absolutely miserable week in the life of this melodramatic adult. 

 (How I want to react)

Usually, if this string of events were to happen, I'd react with the typical quick fix: mope and whine and make angsty tweets about my misfortune. This approach, while cathartic, is not a very healthy way to deal with the effects of a bad week. So this time, I have not let my unhappiness get the better of me, and I have come up with three key ways to keep your cool.

 1) Gratitude. If you stop for a moment and force yourself to feel genuinely thankful for everything you DO have in your life, the small problems will seem even smaller. A great example of this is Gratituesday!

2) Unwind. Now this is where I want a large Gin and Tonic and a comedy film. But as I am abstaining from alcohol for the time being, this ends up being crisps and full fat coke! 

3) Laugh at yourself. I mean, it just gets comical eventually. You trip and fall on your face, realise you emailed your mailing list about that bad date and not just your best friend, spill all of your lunch on the ground, work super hard for no return.. After a certain point, it seems like you're starring in a remake of "Just My Luck," except Chris Pine isn't your boyfriend. 

The bottom line is that we all have bad days. There is always a day where everything goes completely against your will, and you can't help it. But we all have good days as well. What makes the biggest difference is staying level-headed and keeping perspective, so that you don't lose sight of those good days that already happened and the ones that are to come. I'll end with a quote from the wise Lemony Snicket, who wrote, "At times, the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough." So look hard!

Keeping Your Eyebrows In Check!

Oh eyebrows! how strong is your eyebrow game? Now to be honest I always get mine threaded, I would be deadly if I had to do them myself. However here are our tips on keeping them in check in the interim! 

Eyebrows can make your face, as they frame and enlarge your eye. A bit of shaping can change the way you look. They can hide your flaws, and enhance your beauty spots. 

The beginning of the eyebrow should be in line with the inner corner of the eye, and should end just beyond the eye. A perfect arch. The greater the distance between the two eyebrows the wider your nose will look. 

Tweeze hairs on nose bridge (if any) immediately, too unsightly.

Remove hairs that are obviously outside the natural shape. 

When tweezing, remove a few hairs from one eye, then alternate to other brow.  Yo Yo back and forth. This eliminates over-tweezing and helps achieve a more balanced look. 

Pluck from under arch up. Never destroy top natural arch of brow, as this will cause chaotic regrowth. If a few hairs are missing, draw in each hair using a light feather touch stroke. Begin at bottom and draw upward following hair direction. 

To keep brow hairs swept up, deposit damp soap on eyebrow brush or spray hairspray on eyebrow brush and brush through eyebrows. If no eyebrow brush is to hand a toothbrush (sans toothpaste) is equally effective. The finishing touch: coat eyebrows with clear mascara which holds it all in place. 

What are your eyebrow tips?

Gratituesday 118 - For The Love Of Friends

It's Tuesday which means getting our Gratitude on people! So here is what is making our hearts skip a beat this week! Tell us what is making yours sing won't you?

Want to fill Wonderland HQ full of these!

This Kitty Cat does NOT look happy

Lols forever at this

 Curly Kitty!

 Flowers on the door step? erm yes please!

I am obsessed with gifs of Salem.

Wildfox photoshoots are always so dreamy.

Ice cream cone sleeves? yes please!

Little Things...

Re Watching Entourage - ARI FOR LYFE The things me and Pixie come up when doing photoshoots Tweets during Xfactor - SO FUNNY Lovely people Seeing Wonderland grow PHOTOSHOOTS! Packages always Christmas wrapping Strawberry laces Afternoon naps Finding out cute boys are single 'I did a work out, and now I think I am dead The Goonies Buying the perfect gifts for people Fresh flowers Excuses for nights in Marathoning series Being the better person The lost art of holding hands Christmas Jumpers Pumpkin patches Tea lights Forehead kisses Fresh Sheets Extra hour in bed Friends - BLESSED, BLESSED, BLESSED

Okay little honeybee! What were your favourite moments this week? Tell me what’s making you burst into spontaneous smiles on the street!